For Me by Julie de Gómez

About The Narrator
Julie de Gómez is currently a Top Leading Manager for Tupperware in Escuintla, Guatemala. She’s a dedicated wife, mother and grandmother; as well as an inspiration to the many women who learn from her to become successful within the company, and are empowered by her to become independent and respectable women in society.

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One thought on “For Me by Julie de Gómez

  1. Love the line, “I found only one… so I married him.” And of course, that you wanted to raise a family not only bilingual but also “kind, hard-working, loving and happy.” It’s beautiful, moreso because time shows you’ve achieved that so well. What an amazing story of a little girl of 11 who kicked ass to get where she is! Thank you for sharing. This makes me wonder what my mom’s story would sound like… I’ll have to ask her one day. 🙂

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